Bernheim Playcosystem Survey

Principal Researcher: Laura Stimler, EdD, OTD, OTR/L, BCP, C/NDT 
Student Researcher: Bri Marr, OTS

My name is Bri Marr. I am an occupational therapy student at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. You are invited to participate in my survey titled: "An Examination and Comparison of Nature-Based and Typical Manufactured Play Environments for Children". This consent form will explain the details of participating in this research project. Please read this form carefully. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the study.

What are we trying to find out in this study?
The purpose of this study is to survey caregivers on their perceptions of their children’s play experiences. You will complete 15 questions, relating to the comparison of nature-based and typical playground experiences. The goal is to determine the impact of nature-based play on the development of social skills and play patterns.

Who can participate in this study?
Participants must be at least 18 years old, be a direct caregiver (parent, family member, caretaking staff person, teacher, etc.) to a child who is using the Bernheim Playcosystem, and able to read and write in English.

Where will this study take place?
This study is an online survey.

What is the time commitment for participating in this study?
The survey takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

What will you be asked to do if you choose to participate in this study?
You will complete a survey with 15 questions. You will select how many children are in your care and complete a form for each child.

What are the risks of participating in this study and how will these risks be minimized?
There are no known risks associated with participation in this study. Some questions in this study involve reflection on your child’s needs and experiences. These questions may bring up strong emotions. There is no penalty for withdrawal from the study, which you can do at any time. You will not be asked for any identifying information.

What are the benefits of participating in this study?
This study could benefit participants directly through reflection on their child’s play experiences. This study may indirectly benefit participants through the data’s use to improve and continue growth of Bernheim Playcosystem. This study will add to the existing knowledge of child play preferences and the impact of the environment on play experiences.

Are there any costs associated with participating in this study?
There are no costs associated with participating in this study.

Is there any compensation for participating in this study?
There is no compensation for participating in this study.

How will my data be protected?
All information obtained is completely voluntary. Only the researchers have access to your responses and informed consents. This data will only be used to support the goals of this current project. Only summary data will be reported in any conference and/or paper. Your name will not be associated with your responses. All electronic information will be stored for three years until final statistical analysis has been completed. It will be stored in a password protected computer in a locked office. IP addresses will not be collected.

What if you want to stop participating in this study?
Your participation in this research is voluntary. You can leave the study without penalty. Please contact Bri Marr (bmarr@spalding.edu) or Dr. Laura Stimler (lstimler@spalding.edu) if you have
any questions about the study. If you have any questions or concerns about your rights as a research volunteer, you can contact the Dr. Lisa Potts, Chair of the Research Ethics Committee at rec@spalding.edu.

If you have completed this survey before, please do not take it again. Thank you for participating in the study.
Please indicate you meet the following criteria to participate in this study:
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